Eye Of The Tiger Entirely Played With iPads

Just what I needed to wake up today: Some Survivor on my cereal. Photographer and Gizmodo reader Jordan Hollender sent us this great video of Eye of the Tiger entirely played with iPads. He told us how they did it:

Jordan told us that there were no tricks involved. All you can hear on the Rocky III song are these iPad instrument apps: Real Drums, Pro Keys, Baby Scratch and Guitar Mania.

We used real musicians and the parts were recorded in Garage Band. The iPad piano, drums and guitar and scratch apps were played straight through the song without edits, pretty much creating an actual iPad band. There was a click track but we did not copy and paste notes.

According to Jordan, the recording took a few days with a few different sessions: "Trying out the apps took the longest as we tried to find the best sounding apps but also had to be the coolest visually. The apps that were closest to how the real instrument plays were not easy to find because there were a ton of options."

For the video itself, they did it in one day, like any other music video: "We had a basic idea of what we wanted to portray, and went from there.

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