Eclair (At Least) Is Needed For Tumblr's Official Android App

Bad luck if you're a fast-paced Tumblr fiend running anything less than Android 2.1 on your Android. Their first official Android app has no place on your phone.

It was released to the Market over the weekend and offers almost the same level of use that the iPhone version does. Namely, you can post text, photos, links, video and audio to a Tumblr feed, as well as read subscribed Tumblrs within the app. At the moment, it sounds as though Tumblr hasn't included the same Twitter support that's included in the iPhone version.

While I haven't tried the Tumblr app out yet (it's not like my antiquated G1 is going to get Eclair anytime soon), it sounds like it's worth a download - if only for the fact that Tumblr is the easiest blogging platform to use. It's a free app, too. [AndroidAndMe via SizzledCore]

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