Don’t Put Your Secret Second Marriage Photos On Facebook

Don’t Put Your Secret Second Marriage Photos On Facebook

Fellas, how many times do we have to go over this: When you leave your wife and family in Ohio and go secretly marry a much younger woman in Florida, do not let her put the wedding photos on Facebook.

Lynn France was a little suspicious when her husband claimed to have gone to China, even though he left his passport at home in Cleveland the whole time. But dang, the worst part came when her relatives pointed her to the Facebook page of the blonde Florida lady where there were “dozens of wedding photos” of this other lady with Lynn’s husband. And also the lady’s last name was now “France”. Ouch.

The two were married at Disney World in December 2008, with the Frances’ two young boys in attendance. John France was dressed as Prince Charming, said Lynn France’s attorney, Andrew Zashin.

That really stings. And also how after Lynn (pictured) went on the US Today show to tell her story, then her husband’s lawyer said that their Italian wedding in 2005 wasn’t really legally enforceable, so he was actually free to go fly off to Florida on his private plane and marry some lady, no worries. That hurts.

If only the new wife hadn't put all those wedding pictures on Facebook, none of this... well, it would still be pretty fucked up. But don't put secret things on Facebook, anyhow.

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