Don’t Make Phone Calls While Your Friend Is Being Arrested

Don’t Make Phone Calls While Your Friend Is Being Arrested

Last year, a Denver cop was videotaped manhandling Shawn Johnson after he used a women’s restroom in a nightclub. Johnson’s pal, Michael DeHerrera, was talking on his phone nearby, which angered the arresting officer. So he beat DeHerrera’s arse.

The Denver Post has video of the beatdown, caught on a police camera, which took place in April 2009 outside of the nightclub where Shawn Johnson was ejected from for peeing in the wrong bathroom. Officer Devin Sparks is seen walking up to Johnson’s friend Michael DeHerrera and beating him with “a department-issued piece of metal wrapped in leather”. We assume that’s a nice way of describing a blackjack. DeHerrera was talking on the phone with his father, seeking advice about his buddy being arrested.

The Denver City Council settled a federal lawsuit filed by DeHerrera for $US17,500 (weak?), but Independent Monitor Richard Rosenthal wants Officer Sparks and Corporal Randy Murr fired for using excessive force. The police department disputes the charge of excessive force, so watch for yourself!

(Thanks to Luckyomalley for the tip)

Republished from Gawker.