Don’t Know Your Girlfriend’s Phone Number? You Might Get Dumped

Don’t Know Your Girlfriend’s Phone Number? You Might Get Dumped

Who cares how technology is affecting our brains. Is technology making it easier for us be dumped by our girlfriends? The New York Times today explains how a guy’s advanced cell phone technology indirectly got him dumped.

The article is about the general phenomenon of people not knowing even their closest acquaintances’ phone numbers. These days, everyone just puts a number in their smartphone and stabs at the screen when they want to make a call. Beware: This can lead to you being dumped, as in the case of 21-year-old Travis Erickson.

One day, Erickson got stranded at the beach without his mobile phone. But he couldn’t call his girlfriend of a year because he didn’t know her number. After a while, Erickson resorted to a desperate measure, according to the Times:

Stuck at the beach, Mr. Erickson was forced to call a different number he did remember: that of an ex-girlfriend from that distant era when land lines and even pagers ruled the day. She was friends with his current paramour and provided her number.

Picking him up at the shore, his girlfriend was not happy. “I told her that I really had no need to memorize it because I always had it,” he said. “She was still upset.” They broke up two weeks later.

Travis Erickson now roams the countryside with nothing but a rotary phone and a piece of charcoal with which he scratches phone numbers onto a piece of tanned hide.

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