Doctors Blog About The Weirdest Stuff They've Removed From Patients

That's a fragment of a Wendy's spork that was removed from a man's throat last year. It is by far the least weird thing that shows up on a new, cringe-inducing list of bizarre things doctors have extracted from patients.

Sermo, a members-only website for doctors, asked them to post about the strangest things they had ever pulled out of their patients. Then they published some of the weirdest on their public blog. They are very weird and probably mentally not safe for work. Here are some noteworthy ones, in ascending order of how much they disturbed me:

Allergist & Immunologist:

I once retrieved a plastic helicopter from a child's nose.

General Surgeon:

5 pens, 2 permanent markers, 3 straws, 2 toothbrushes, 4 Oreo cookie wrappers. All at the same time from the stomach of a patient.


At our hospital recently the general surgeons removed from the stomach a bound and gagged barbie doll that the patient had swallowed.


Large zucchini (rectum). The spiral from a spiral-bound notebook (male urethra). Pencil (male urethra). Cigarette lighter (stomach).

OH MY GOD, I'm only going to consume smoothies for the next several months. [Sermo via NPR]

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