Cyglo Tyres Turn Any Bike Into A Light Cycle

Lights and bikes aren't an unfamiliar pair. But only Cyglo Tyres, a recently patented design that embeds LEDs into the tyre treads themselves, will turn your wheels into two perfect circles of light.

Cyglo Tyre, a UK company founded by James Tristram, embeds LEDs directly into the tyre tread (as opposed to, say, the spokes) where the lights are powered by the circular motion of the tyre itself. Tristam sees his light-up wheels as an "unprecedented safety measure". I see them as the most viable light bike accessory for my after-hours TRON cosplay.

The Cyglos, formerly Night Bright Tyres, are yet to be manufactured, though the company was awarded the patent for their design in February and secured funding in April. Hopefully that means I'll be role-playing (safely) in the near future. [Cyglo Tyres via Wired]

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