Cornucopia Bag Designed For Farmer's Market Shoppers

Apparently, you need a special bag for when you go shopping for fresh produce and sundries at your local farmer's market, and that bag is the Cornucopia Bag.

What makes the Cornucopia Bag perfect for produce shopping? Well, it's got a pull-out shoulder strap as well as backpack straps, for one, making it easy to tote there and then convert to a bag suitable for carrying lots of stuff.

It also has a bunch of compartments that won't collapse on each other, so you can put peaches on the bottom and oranges above them and the oranges won't smush your peaches. Important!

Could you use this bag while shopping at, say, Kmart or Target? Of course! But it's probably easier to sell a $US120 shopping bag to the sort of people who wants the world to know they shop at a farmer's market than it is to your standard supermarket shopper. [Beta Brand]

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