Clear's iSpot Is A 4G Hotspot For iPhones, iPads

With more cities being blanketed in the warm glow of WiMax every month, 3G speeds are going to start seeming primitive, fast. Clear's iSpot hotspot lets iPhones, iPads and iPods touch get a taste of the delicious 4G future.

Clear's iSpot can serve as a hotspot for up to eight Wi-Fi enabled Apple devices at a time - its site says it was optimised for mobile devices - while running on its rechargeable battery or juicing up over USB.

The device, which looks a lot like a Mighty Mouse or a bar of soap, will be available August 10 for $US99, with a no-contract, $US25 monthly plan for unlimited data. Not too bad, if your city has already been given the WiMax treatment. Because there's no buzzkill worse than waiting for a snappy new iPhone or iPad to suck down a page over 3G. [iSpot via SlashGear]

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