'Cameron Diaz' Is Riddled With Viruses

Of all the celebrities you could search for on the web, Cameron Diaz is the most likely to give your computer something itchy. That's according to McAfee, who may just be getting back at her for Knight and Day.

Apparently a "Cameron Diaz" search has a one in 10 chance of landing on a site with malware. Last year's "winner", Jessica Biel, got bumped down to third. Searches for screensavers of both celebs came with nearly 20 per cent chance of infection. Rounding out the top 10:

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were the only men in the upper crusty, with Justin Bieber finishing a disappointing 46th and Barack Obama/Sarah Palin bringing up the rear at no.49 and no.50, respectively.

So be safe out there, celeb gossip hounds. And next time, maybe stick with the pre-teens and wonks. [McAfee via SFGate]

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