Bush Joins The LED LCD Price War

We're quickly becoming spoilt for choice when it comes to LCD TVs with LED backlighting for under 500 bucks. Bush is the latest company to throw some models out onto the market, with a 19-inch, a 22-inch and two 24-inch models hitting shelves.

The two smaller screen sizes, the IDLED1901 and IDLED2201, feature 1366x768 resolution, six-star energy ratings and an inbuilt PVR function that will record to an external USB hard drive. The larger 24-inch models, IDLED2401 and IDLED2402DVD, add Full HD res screen sizes, and the second has an integrated DVD player in the TV.

Pricing ranges from $379 for the 19-inch, $449 for the 22-inch, $549 for the standrad 24-incher and $579 for 24 inches with DVD.


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