Boeing Engineer's Crazy-Efficient Apartment

"I tend to like things in their place," says Steve Sauer, a Boeing engineer who spent the last seven years turning this 17sqm basement apartment into a decked-out, three-level dwelling. Can you spot the bathtub?

Ah, there it is, built into the floor just beneath the front door and covered up by a 3form Chroma panel. That's just one of many ingenious touches Sauer worked into his puzzle-like home, which also includes two beds, a 37-inch TV, a bathroom with shower, a kitchen with working dishwasher and space for two full-size bicycles.

There's a "cafe area" - that's the part up top with the table - and a "video lounge" - the space below it with the TV. Inspired by the space-saving buildings of Scandinavia and Japan, Sauer spent hundreds of hours scouring the internet for just the right components (at just the right size). When he couldn't find them, he made them himself.

And his pod's not just for his own pleasure; Sauer says, "the parties have been fantastic" in his abode, which can squeeze up to 10 people. It's all the inadvertent-body-touching of perennial party favourite Twister without having to spin that damn pointer every minute or two.

Very impressive, Mr Sauer, but I think I might have you beat - I'm blogging from my home office, which also serves as my dining room (I'm eating a bag of chips), which also serves as my home theatre (I'm listening to some music) which also serves as my sleeping quarters, because it's my bed. [Seattle Times via Apartment Therapy]

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