Blockbuster, Comcast Hope To Tag-Team Netflix With DVDs By Mail Service

Blockbuster, increasingly depressing rental purveyor, has joined with Comcast for aid in the losing battle against Netflix. Their new service is called DVDs By Mail, though there's not much new about it - essentially a discounted Blockbuster Online subscription for Comcast customers.

The site's chief (and perhaps only) perk is discounted pricing for existing Comcast subscribers with a Double or Triple Play package. I logged in with my Comcast account and was greeted with a dollar off Blockbuster's most basic, one disc at a time plan ($US7.99 vs $US8.99). All other options were priced as they would be for a non-Comcast customer. Methinks Netflix won't lose sleep tonight. [DVDs By Mail via The Consumerist]

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