BlackBerry Service Restored In Saudi Arabia

Yesterday morning, the Saudi Arabian government made good on their promise to turn off BlackBerry data service over security concerns. But as of right now, BBC reports that BlackBerry service is up and running nationwide, and no one's quite sure why. Updated.

Handsets apparently stopped working for some four hours before service was resumed, though there is no official sign that the ban has been lifted or that a compromise has been made. There have, however, been unconfirmed reports that Research in Motion found a solution to the potential security issues raised by Saudi authorities.

Whatever the case may be, with a BlackBerry ban impending in the United Arab Emirates and others looming in India, Indonesia and Algeria, a quick compromise in Saudi Arabia - as long as that compromise doesn't involve RIM handing over user's security keys to the government - is a good sign. [BBC]

Update: According to an AP report this morning:

The agreement would involve placing a BlackBerry server inside Saudi Arabia to allow the government to monitor messages and allay official fears the service could be used for criminal purposes, the official said.

Hmm. [NPR - Thanks moop2000]

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