Black People Call And Text Way More Than Everyone Else

Black People Call And Text Way More Than Everyone Else
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According to a new year-long study by The Nielsen Company, black people use more voice minutes and send more text messages than any other race. Like, way more.

The new study found that African-Americans averaged 1300 voice minutes a month, far outpacing Hispanics (826 minutes/month), Asians and Pacific Islanders (692 minutes/month), and Whites (647 minutes/month).

Same story with texting. Blacks sent and received an average of 780 text messages a month; Hispanics 767; Whites 566; and Asians/Pacific Islanders 384 texts a month.

Presumably all of this will be very useful in the burgeoning field of Black Twitter scholarship.

The Nielsen study also found that women, on average, talk on their phones 22 per cent more than man, and send an average of 601 texts a month, as opposed to 447 for men. 0 per cent of those women, incidentally, are texting or calling me. [Nielsen]

Charts by Christina Bonnington