Because Bowling Balls Do Way More Damage Than Bouncing Balls

Everybody remembers Sony's Bravia Bouncing Balls comercial where colourful, inoffensive bouncing balls dance across a city street, right? Nissan remixed that spot a few months ago and replaced the bouncing balls with bowling balls. Yes they did.

So what if it's not all real, I like it more than Sony's already. [The Awesomer]


    maybe I don't get it.
    If you park further down the hill, you're safe?
    Some guys screaming out while faceless people toss and hit cars n stuff with bowling balls, then a silver soft-roader drives away...?

      Of course the only way to know if your car is urban proof is to trash it with bowling balls.
      I guess making an ad with people touching parking into the car in supermarket car parks was deemed a "little dull"


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