Arcade Fire, Google Pushing HTML5 Together

At first, it might look like a bad memory from a late-1990s porn misclick - a flurry of browser windows filling your screen. But a new collaboration between Google and Arcade Fire is looking to the future, showcasing HTML5's power.

Rather than stick a traditional music video on YouTube, Arcade Fire's "The Wilderness Downtown" is a Chrome "experience", highlighting what modern, HTML5-compatible browsers are capable of rendering. Multiple windows run and close in coordination with the music, and - easily the neatest part of the demonstration - your browser will incorporate Street View imagery of your childhood home (after you provide the address).

We're not sure the demonstration is quite an experience, but it should offer some ammunition in the HTML5/Flash imbroglio, despite being an imperfect demonstration (we recommend temporarily quitting other applications that might pop windows and derail the show). [The Downtown Wilderness via Wired]

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