Apple's Cloud-Based Lala Project Delayed Due To Video-Streaming Issues?

CNET's caught wind of some conversations Apple's had with the four majors, specifically that if their cloud-based music service launches in the coming months it'll only be a soft-launch, minus the punch-packing features they really want to enable. Like video.

Since was purchased by Apple at the tail-end of last year, there haven't been many signs of what their plans are for the service. We can hazard a guess they're bound to offer streaming music and movies functionality between Apple's servers and personal computers, as well as streaming to iPhones and iPads, plus the ability to stream your own media to other Apple computers and portables, however.

CNET's sources are claiming the hold-up has been due to an "undisclosed video feature", which has become the larger part of the project for the Lala team. We've been waiting half a year for some sign they're getting closer, but we could be waiting a lot longer for the big launch if those hold-ups continue. [CNET via Engadget]

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