Apple Reportedly Readying 99 Cent TV Show Rentals

There's been plenty of talk about a new Apple TV, but what about, y'know, the TV shows themselves? Bloomberg's reporting that Apple's working on bringing 99 US cent TV rentals to iTunes, with Fox nearly locked and CBS and Disney close behind.

Bloomberg's report, which also suggests the imminent release of the long-rumoured $US99 AppleTV, says that Apple's in "advanced talks" with News Corp to let iTunes users rent TV shows for 48 hours for the cost of 99 US cents.

CBS and Walt Disney are also reportedly in talks about joining the rental system.

And this would make sense! I often wonder why I'm paying $US3 to download a TV show from iTunes that I watch once, only to immediately delete in an effort to reclaim precious disk space. If Apple is making these big living room moves at a mid-September event, as many expect, then hopefully we'll hear more details about how our collective TV addiction might get more affordable in the near future. [Bloomberg]

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