Android-Running Adam Tablet From Notion Ink To Cost From $US399?

Android-Running Adam Tablet From Notion Ink To Cost From $US399?

After running the serious risk of looking like vaporware, Notion Ink’s prices have been revealed for the Adam tablet, which runs Android on a Tegra chip. Sounds like we’ll still have to wait another six or so months, though.

According to SlashGear‘s sources, there’ll be four different models of the Adam. One will use the superior Pixel Qi display, the other an LCD panel. Then, customers will have to decide between Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and 3G.

The cheapest model, the LCD Wi-Fi only one will cost $US399, or $US449 for the 3G version. Over to the Pixel Qi model, which will cost $US449 for Wi-Fi only, or $US498 for the 3G one. All models will apparently come with an iTunes-like download store called Genesis pre-loaded, which will sell ebooks, music, movies and apps.

When will the Adam be available? After suffering delays thanks to Tegra 2 issues, Notion Ink hopes it will be submitted to the FCC for certification between November – December. That could mean the chances of owning this spiffy Android tablet before January is very slim indeed.

While Notion Ink hasn’t confirmed the above prices and availability, they have put a link to SlashGear’s article on their company blog, saying “Interesting article on SlashGear!” Interesting indeed. [Notion Ink via SlashGear]