An App For Determining Which Loved One Will Be The Most Gruesome Zombie

I do a lot of preparing for the zombie apocalypse - weighing escape routes, considering fortifications, contemplating the metaphysical nature of the undead, etc. The Zombie Survival Guide Scanner iPhone app offers crucial input: which friends zombify the scariest.

Of course, I'd be inclined to spare them - they are my friends, after all - but if the Zombie Survival Guide Scanner reveals that a chum will make for a particularly terrifying brain-muncher, I will have to put them on my list.

The free app, released by Random House as a supplement to the Zombie Survival Guide, lets you scan friends, determine their level of infection and post their zombified photos to Facebook. Hopefully by the time you post it Facebook will still be Facebook and not Zombiebook, which the zombie hoardes will check on their Dumbphones (their term for smartphones) while they play the new version of Plants vs Humans. [iTunes via BoingBoing]

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