Adidas Releases Free MiCoach App For GPS-Enabled Training Help

Knocking off some of that winter flab will be a little easier with Adidas' MiCoach app, which helps you plan and track a cardio regimen. MiCoach uses your phone's GPS to monitor your speed keep up with a targeted pace.

After assessing just how sad of a state your body is in, the free app will whip you into shape with personalised daily running or jogging workouts of varying speeds. The "virtual coach" (read: creepy computer voice that yells at you) will let you know when to speed up or slow down to stay on pace.

After each workout you'll received an analysis of your run, including distance and calories burned, and your data will be stored on the MiCoach site so you can track your progress. The app is free, though it does say it "tracks your shoe usage with wear alerts", in the hopes that you will burn through your soles and right into your local Adidas distributor.

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