A Web Surfing Contest With No Keyboard, No Google Allowed

OK, so-called web surfers, listen up. You might be able to ride from page to page with your speedy search engines, sure. But could you make it from Amazon to the Pirate Bay using only your mouse?

That's right - just you, your mouse and a whole sea of hyperlinks.

That was the challenge levelled to participants of Trailblazers, a web browsing competition that recently held its inaugural contest in Stuttgart, Germany. Participants were challenged to "Surf the classic way from Amazon to Pirate Bay".

From a chart posted on the Trailblazers site (which is designed, we'll say, in a "neo-classical" web style), it seems as though an individual named "tobi" earned the old-school surfer crown.

The next Trailblazers competition will take place on September 3 at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. Make sure your peripherals are regulation ahead of time. [Trailblazers via TodayandTomorrow via The Atlantic]



    I managed this in just 5 clicks!! Amazon.com to Piratebay.org no cheats, no keyboard, no google.

      2 clicks (helps that i have autocontext & piratebay in my search list).. is that cheating?

        LOL.. I'd say so!!!!

        Mine were genuine links on each page, Kevin Bacon style :) I really surprised myself actually with how easy it was, I'd thought it would be a challenge.

        I guess I could really spoil the competition above by posting my method.

    5 clicks. amazon>imdb>facebook>facebook home>tpb

      uh i mean 4 clicks. miscounted.

        how did you get to the pirate bay from facebook?

      Dude, how you gonna log into your facebook without a keyboard?

        cookies dude.

        also, pre-posting tpb link on my front page OR profile

    I would've just clicked Home, then copied and pasted letters into the search bar for google >_>

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