A Truly Ergonomic Gaming Mouse, Shaped Like Your Hand

Damien Crossan's gaming mouse concept looks like the offspring of a Razer mouse and Thing from the Addams Family. Ergonomic? You betcha. See if you still get RSI playing StarCraft on this 11-button monster.

The scroll wheel has been relegated to the right side, where you rest your thumb, which makes a lot more sense than using your pointer-finger to scroll downwards.

Like a lot of gaming mice, the 11 buttons are customisable, and even that scroll track button can be programmed to do a whole host of functions.

Will the G50 Vanguard ever get manufactured by someone like Logitech and make it onto your mousepad? As with all the best concepts that appear on Yanko Design it's not certain, but considering the Irish designer spent many months working the design of this mouse to combat RSI, I should hope so. Gamers' wrists around the world can attest to the need for a truly ergonomic mouse. [Yanko Design]

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