A Dock As Magical As Your Latest Apple Product

Not many accessories beat Apple at its own game, but this one would. The Wireless Streaming Music Centre concept makes your iPod seemingly levitate while it streams music through beautifully designed speakers.

Sadly, the dock is only in the pre-engineering stages over at Bluelarix Designworks. But the floating iPod, elegant look and streaming instead of a dock connections is enough to justify production.

Of course, they're throwing everything into the concept including an on-board hard drive and the ability to daisy-chain a connection to multiple computers. Some features are a little too ambitious though. Cramming in a CD/DVD drive and internet radio is nice, but I'd be happy firing up Pandora on my iPod touch and staring at the speakers through every song.

Let's skip the bells and whistles, Bluelarix. Just design a dock with a floating cableless iPod streaming to gorgeous speakers and get it into production quickly. Otherwise I'll have to get an iPhone 4 to mate with an iMac and hope this thing pops out. [Bluelarix.com via Yanko Design]

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