53% Of Americans Don't Want The Government To Push Broadband To Poor And Rural Areas, Are Dicks

America! The land of selfish arseholes. At least that's what a new survey seems to show, with 53 per cent of respondents against the idea of the government making high-speed broadband available to those it has yet to reach.

A national survey of 2252 adults by Pew found that 11 per cent thought broadband should be a top priority, 30 per cent think it's an important priority, 27 per cent said it was "not too important" a priority and 26 per cent think it shouldn't be attempted at all by the government.

Now, as someone reading this post right now, I'm going to guess that you have access to the internet. Imagine if you did not. Could you live your life as well as you do now? Could you, say, apply for a job without an email account? No?

But hey, why let the government create incentives for ISPs to expand into areas where they think it's just not cost-effective enough to provide their services? That sounds like socialism to me. The government shouldn't do anything for anyone! Now where's my Medicare check? [Reuters]

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