$50 Allgo STAMP Prototype Continues The March Of The Ultra Cheap Tablet

The $US35 Android tablet we talked about the other day is only the beginning, it would seem, as yet another Indian tablet maker is preparing to unleash a purportedly low-cost, full featured device on the masses. Meet Allgo:

She's a prototype for now, and the $US50 price tag is only the cost to build one (retail will be higher), but nevertheless the trend toward seemingly mass-produced, throw-away tablets is closer today than it was yesterday.

Here's quick demo of the unit from back in April:

What little we know of the Allgo comes from Techie Buzz, which is reporting this weekend that the tablet will sport a 7-inch, 800x480 pixel resistive touchscreen display. Like the $US35, the price will fluctuate depending on how many the buyer—typically a government or educational institution—orders. The $US50 starting point is for a 10,000 order. One million nets you a $US40 buy-in. [Techie Buzz via Liliputing]



    Already beats the iPad. This thing has a USB port

      Show me an ipad and a camera conectivity kit and ill show you an ipad with a usb port

    Why the obsession with USB port for IPad? You don't really need it. Alot of apps allow you to create a wireless share drive for loading and retrieving files.

    cause ur not always at home with wifi

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