3DTV Still Not That Popular In Japan

The land of the rising sun may be the world's fastest-adopter of new formats, but a year on, how are 3DTV sales doing in Japan? The Nikkei examined the situation, and unsurprisingly 3DTV still has a long way to go.

While prices have fallen by 20 per cent for Panasonic and Sony's 3DTV models, they're still up to 50 per cent higher than non-3D sets, which could account for the fact that only 2.6 per cent of 40-inch or larger TVs sold in Japan between August 2-8 were 3D-enabled.

Nonetheless, we're constantly being bombarded by stats from manufacturers claiming forecasts of millions upon millions of 3DTV shipments in the coming year. Perhaps the James Cameron-directed Black Eyed Peas documentary will change people's minds. (Heh). [The Nikkei via CrunchGear]

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