10 Of The Best (Clue: Worst) Unboxing Videos - Uncovered!

In my opinion, unboxing videos died in 2007, when Brian Lam unboxed (and tossed out the window*) his Halo 3 swag bag. Nonetheless, camcorder-owners have persisted in filming every product launch since... and I mean every product. TechRadar has the list.

Why did "motherboardsorg" feel it was necessary to unbox his copy of Windows 7? "Naturenet", his wheel of blue cheese? Did "Sanitairesrock" really think that what the world needed was two minutes, 41 seconds of some Hoover vacuum bags?

I'm going to go lie down now and rest this aching head. [TechRadar]

*It appears due to various fanboys' complaints, the Halo 3 window-toss video was taken down from this post. Spoil sports.

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