ZTE Peel EV-DO Case For Transforming iPod Touches Into Sprint VoIP Phones?

The US Federal Communications Commission just posted documents for a curious Sprint-branded case called the ZTE Peel 3200, packing its own battery and EV-DO connectivity as well as mobile hotspot capabilities. Could it turn your iPod Touch into a Sprint VoIP phone?

Apparently, the Peel doesn't physically connect to the device it's slipped around, which has the folks at PhoneScoop surmising that it could be designed to connect to the iPod touch over Wi-Fi, allowing it to make calls on Sprint's 3G network. The Peel also has the ability to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot for five devices. Seems like a feasible function for this odd thing.

PhoneScoop points out that the name itself could be a further clue for deciphering its mysterious function: It would allow you to "peel" away from AT&T's iDevice hegemony. That's good. Maybe even a little bit too good? [FCC via PhoneScoop via BGR]

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