YouTube Easter Egg Lets You Play "Snake"

YouTube Easter Egg Lets You Play "Snake"

How long this has been available, who knows, but someone just found an Easter egg in YouTube that allows you to play a game of Snake on the video while it’s paused or plays.

I've confirmed this for myself - it takes some doing, and maybe it's because I'm using a Mac, but if you press the up and left arrows simultaneously, Update: Just hold down the left arrow; up is not necessary it triggers the game of Snake. Snake, of course, is a game that's been around forever - move your snake around the screen and gobble up pellets, increasing your length as you do, without hitting the edges.

The Easter egg also seems to be tied to a video being categorised "gaming". I'm not sure if you need to be on the YouTube page itself or if it works with an embedded video. I tried it in a few other non-gaming videos and couldn't make it work. All that said, the command was very unreliable for me even in the gaming videos, so I can't be sure.

Final update: To the best of our knowledge: Just hit or hold down the left arrow; you have to be on the actual video page, not embedded or on the channel page; some say the clip has to be fully loaded, others say they can do it while it is loading.

Big thanks to Kotaku reader Save Me for the tip!

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