You Can Get Flash On Your Jailbroken iPad Right Now

Flash! On the iPad! And you can do it right now! Well, if you have a jailbroken iPad that is. The process doesn't seem that hard but you can definitely muck things up if you poke your finger in the wrong spot.

The general gist on getting Flash on the iPad is to download and install 'Frash.deb' onto your iPad and then create folders with specific names while sprinkling in some restarts. Yeah, it's not super simple and you could run into some snags but if you follow the directions to the T, you should be OK. Hopefully.

Unfortunately, Frash doesn't do video playback and it's kind of crashy so it may not be worth the risk yet. For now, you can just play Flash games, see some light animations and drain your battery super fast. That kind of sounds fun, actually. [Engadget]

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