Working Red Ring Of Death Xbox 360 May Be Best Mod Yet

I wonder if this "Modded Xbox 360 with red LED lights" is actually a fully working Xbox - with modified LEDs permanently displaying the Red Ring of Death - or just a dead Xbox. Either way, this eBay auction is a winner.

The seller says it really works:

A cool great working xbox 360 with modded L.E.D lights. NO REFUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to believe him, because that will make it the best Xbox 360 mod to date, albeit the most unnerving one too. However, the little devil on my left shoulder wants it to be a dead Xbox with the real ring of dead. I can imagine the email reply from the seller: "Hey, the image was clear enough, OK?"

Someone will discover it on July 31, when the auction ends. [eBay]

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