Windows Phone Live To Offer Remote Wipe For Free

Every Windows Phone 7 user will get access to a free site called Windows Phone Live. It'll be a portal to your phone in the cloud, a place to do everything from viewing uploaded media to remote wiping your phone.

We don't have a ton of information yet on the Windows Phone Live site (sorry, not even pretty pictures!). But here are the key features Microsoft has mentioned thus far:

• View published photos (and videos?) • Look up Windows Live calendar and contacts • Exchange OneNote files (and other phone/web data) • Find My Phone (map, ring, lock and erase your phone from the web) • 25GB of storage

And like we said, there are no subscription fees for the service as there are with MobileMe. It's free with purchase, just like BlackBerry Protect. [Windows Phone Blog via Engadget]

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