Who Doesn't Want To Live In This Dream House?

Screw the 557sq m Central Park duplex, the $US100 million house in South Kensington or the 17th-century apartment with views to Notre Dame. I want the Fish House. Property porn doesn't go more luscious than this.

Made of wood, steel and glass, glass and more glass, the Fish House is an environmentally friendly waterfront home in Singapore. It doesn't have an underground pool with water slide, but who cares.

Excuse me while I go downstairs to play some PowerBall. [Guz Architects via Apartment Therapy]


    jeez the tv's on the floor

      had no money left.... not even the empty tv box to sit it on :P

      that house was not cheap... no money left on TV stand

      yea, because who would want to block such a glorious view with something as boring as a tv?

        Spot On Eric!

    That's coz they can't afford a table....

      looks like I got beaten to the comment a few times while waiting for them to be moderated...

    obviously the whole tv on the floor was so that you can admire the horizon while watching tv at the same time...

      Is that even a real tv? Where's the cords?

    You've got it all wrong: the "windows" are LCD panels for the watching TV, the owner is just watching National Geographic at the moment. The tv on the floor is just a monitor for seeing what's outside.

    9 comments above me, ALL ABOUT THE TV! Nothing else is worth commenting on in these pics?

      you too did comment about the t.v. and made no other comment about it haha. :D. No offense, just noticed that. By the way, I think they all commented on the t.v. to point out the fact that in such a luxurious house you would expect them to place the t.v. at least somewhere creative, not infront of the window where you can see something really nice outside. I personally think that this house looks nice and all, but I think it's more than what an average citizen anywhere in the world can have. Stumbled into this, I'm not really into expensive houses, I prefer ecological designs. Greetings.

    Has anyone wondered how you cut the grass on the islands without making a mess or getting wet?

    It looks super cool, but If I lived there I'd be forced to be neat .... not possible.

      fake grass

    The Question was asked,"Who Doesn’t Want To Live In This Dream House?"

    I don't! This is NOT a dream house, it is an institution. Pomp without circumstance.

      Exactly. count me in as another person who definitely doesn't want to live here. I could just as easily go squat down by the local steel factory for the same experience.

    It looks like a computer monitor to me.

    Wish it said where the house is, I'd love to visit and pretend I live there. Very cool indeed.

    its not a home its an office.

    Best comments Ive seen for awhile....Loved the house but I loved the comments more.

    I think it's actually an optical illusion and the tv is very small and floats around the room, settling in front of whoever wants to watch it!

      hahaha BISHBASHBORIS too funny....

    Jeez, the geek squad is busy worrring about the TV... Whilst (I'm willing to bet) the owner is having his lap warmed by a bevy of young models.

    100 Million U.S. Dollars? I couldn't live in this house. My conscience wouldn't allow it.

    Mow that grass with scissors and a dust buster.

    Wow~~~~ What a beautiful house~

    where's the bedroom?

    This is definitely one of the most beautiful residences I have ever seen (from every single angle) ... true dream house. The little island with tree in the middle of the swimming pool looks just stunning. The only thing I find weird is the small TV ... it's size just doesn't fit to the rest of the house.

      seriously? that's your idea of a "small" tv? how frakkin big does a tv need to be, anyway?

    The house is cold and icky but I like the pool.

    imagine how much grief the lawn guy goes through each time he mows the grass in the pool island.

    if you ask me, they only put the tv in there to signify that that was the living room/gathering area.

    in a house like this, there would be no need for a tv.

    Seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor.

    Can I have it........

    Well its pretty clear that these arent photos, they are computer renderings so, you cant visit and yes, the grass is fake.. and the tv doesnt matter cause it doesnt exist

    @ds *facepalm*

    i love this place, although i would def. make various changes to make it my own, and a little more cozy. my fave parts are the wood ceiling (which i tend to use a lot in my designs) and the fact that the structure is a spectacular design element, not just hidden in walls.

    Looks like something a 7`s porn director would like... lots of open space, blinding lighting, big open windows.... a bar and poool area (indoors and outdoors). As a house it's crap - white with kids? No guard rail around pool? edges everywhere? Oh and while large glass panels look nice, trust me, they are a bitch to keep clean - one smudge and they all look shit. Yet another "house" designed to be admired but not lived in.

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