What's Inside AT&T's Mysterious Monolith Display?

This display has been popping up at AT&T stores all across the US, but store workers and managers are being kept in the dark as to its contents. So what's inside that big black box?

Apparently it's being called the "Hero" display, which makes you think of the eponymous HTC handset until you remember that "Hero" is also adspeak for "featured" and that bringing out a year-old Android phone probably isn't something AT&T would be building buzz for. The full text on the side you can see reads "innovation comes to life", while another section says "Rethink Possible", which has been AT&T's slogan since April.

The most likely explanation is that it's a handset, especially given that we've only seen four of the five Android phones AT&T promised for this year. It's probably too early to start hyping Windows Phone 7, and while the Dell Aero is coming on August 9, there's enough known about it that it doesn't seem worth all the secrecy.

And then you remember that Dell Streak is launching soon too, and that there's been a lot of cloak and dagger around when exactly it'll be in stores and what it'll cost, and you think it's kind of strange to keep a device that thoroughly poked and prodded already on lockdown, but of all the known AT&T products out there it would make the most sense.

There's also that AT&T/BlackBerry event being held next week, presumably to announce something BlackBerry OS 6-related:

That's the option we know the least about, which may well make it the most likely of all.

So is it the Streak? Some very well-guarded secret device? Our unlimited data plans back? We asked AT&T and they had no comment. And people in the stores don't know. In fact, they're being threatened with termination for even joking about looking inside - although if any intrepid soul manages to snap a picture, please do send it in.

In the meantime we're all stuck staring up at the monolith, playing a cute guessing game that's hopefully not much ado about nothing. [Thanks, Brad!]

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