What's iLife'11 Mysterious New Application?

French Blog Mac4Ever claims that iLife'11 will arrive on August 7, 2010. According to their sources, the $US79 package will feature 64-bit apps, deeper integration with Facebook, completely revamped iWeb and a mysterious new app. What could it be?

There are no details about this mysterious software that apparently is taking the place of iDVD - which the publication says will disappear forever in this release. I'm not surprised about iDVD vanishing, given the fact that most video material is now shared online and not through physical media. But what other iLife application could be good for consumers?

My gut instinct: An iOS app creator for consumers, no real programming requiring. All visual and pretty, not like Google's App Inventor.

Think about it as the new Hypercard for iOS, something that would allow the average consumer to build an app for their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using templates, images, fields, drag-and-drop behaviours and the possibility of accessing web content. Something like this will allow people to create personalised experiences in these devices, linked to online galleries of content. Their own worlds, presented in their own terms.

Instead of causing an invasion of personal apps in the App Store, the new Hypercard would produce applications that can be installed right away on iOS devices and send around to family and friends. Since no complex programming would be allowed, there will be no risk of people using it to sneak in a tethering module on their devices... until the usual hackers discover a way to do it, that is.

Of course, this is just a hope, not based in any actual information. But it's nice to dream about Apple empowering users with a software like this, just like they did in the '90s with Bill Atkinson's original genius creation. [Mac4ever]



    How about an app for creating Blu-Ray disks? iMac and MacPro refresh seems to be timed nicely? Seems a shame that the iPhone 4 can capture at 720 but has to be compressed for burning to physical media...

      That sounds great, but surely wouldn't need to be a new and separate app. More likely an upgrade to iDVD or iMovie.

    Good grief I hope you're right. Applications like hypercard and Toolbook opened a world of opportunities for me -- transformed my career.

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