What Happened To The ABC iPad App?

What Happened To The ABC iPad App?

 title=The ABC’s iPad app was one of the mot impressive bits of software on Apple’s tablet, but this week the app just disappeared from the App Store. What happened?

According to Bruce Belsham at the ABC, the national broadcaster submitted an update of the popular app to Apple for approval earlier this week. The update was to add the ability to stream content from the upcoming ABC News 24 channel live to their iPad and iPhone, but because the channel won’t go live until Thursday, the app update was supposed to be embargoed until midnight Friday morning.

For reasons the ABC is yet to understand, the embargo has meant that the current version of the app has disappeared from the app store.

The ABC is working on getting the app back online, but even if that doesn’t happen until Friday morning, it’s still kind of awesome to know that you’ll be able to stream the new 24 news channel to your iDevice from launch.

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