Wear Your iPod Shuffle And Nothing Else

What to make of the diminutive iPod Shuffle? It's handy for working out, but immediately less handy if you don't have a sporty top to clip it to. That leaves you with two options: your earlobe or the Pod a porter neckband.

The Pod a porter, designed by Michiel Cornelissen, is an elegant solution to a straightforward problem: The new iPod Shuffle is too damn small. That's fine if you're wearing something on top that you can clip it to, but when you start putting that little guy down near your waistband, you risk getting the earphone cord tangled up in your workout business. As Cornelissen explains:

I thought that what you need is just the earbuds, and a simple shape to keep them on your body - just like glasses are nothing more than an elegant way to keep lenses near your eyes. The result is this jewelry-like iPod shuffle accessory.

As these instructions show, the band is designed to house the cord of the special Shuffle earbuds, keeping your all-important control pod conveniently close to your face at all times.

And thankfully for you, you buff-chested, shirtless-jogging iPod Shuffle owner, the Pod à porter is one of those happy instances in which a clever internet design is actually available for sale as an honest-to-goodness product - you can buy the neckband over at Shapeways for $US27 in black, white or a range of colours to match the colourful iPod Shuffles. [Shapeways via Design Milk]

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