Wall Mounting Your iPad Just Got Easier

You know the iPad? It kind of looks like a little TV, don't you think? Which means it would look great mounted on your wall. That's exactly what the guys who created the Wallee must have been thinking when they created their hard case/wall mounting system for the Apple tablet in the recesses of downtown Melbourne.

The Wallee consists of two main parts - the hard case, which wraps around your iPad without covering access to any buttons (the bracket hole on the back even lines up with the precious Apple logo), and the wall mountable mounting disc, which screws into any surface and allows you to quickly and securely mount an iPad in either portrait or landscape mode.

The case itself is available in four colours - black, white, orange and blue, while the mounting disc comes in black or white. The Wallee kit, which includes both the case and the bracket, will set you back $50 with free shipping, and additional brackets cost $10 each.

Products will start shipping early August, so get your orders in - it's a great little peripheral from some young Aussie entrepreneurs.

[The Wallee]


    should be called the "EziFapp 2000"

    What about that video you guys posted when the iPad came out where the guy just uses velcro everywhere.

    That looked easier than this.

    mount your thousand dollar ipad above a bathtub! trust us!

    It seems that people do like it. I have seen it in several shops and online at the ereadersrus website.
    Don't know what it has to do with an ereader though.

    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick note to let you know that we've launched our complete range of modular accessories, all compatible with the Wallee iPad case. We've also got our Wallee for iPad 2 available for pre order!


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