Vivid Wireless Has Unlimited Internet Plan For $75 A Month

Perth residents looking for a relatively inexpensive way of getting unlimited internet, Vivid Wireless is now offering an unlimited plan for $75 a month. Considering their 40GB offering costs $99 a month, that sounds like a pretty good deal.

The catch is that you can only connect a single device to the plan, whereas the 40GB plan allows up to five devices (like five USB modems on a single plan). But partnered with the home gateway with integrated Wi-Fi, this sounds like a pretty good deal, depending on the signal strength in your local area, of course.

Naturally, fair use policies apply, and one of those conditions is that you don't trade in copyrighted material, which kind of takes the joy out of an unlimited plan for a lot of people. Still, another unlimited plan for Australians is awesome news, even if it is only available to people in Perth at the moment.

[Vividwireless - Thanks Dan!]

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