Verizon Smartphones Use More Data Than The iPhone

According to a study, Verizon smartphone users use more data than iPhone users. That's right, on average, Verizon smartphones - Android, webOS and Windows Mobile phones - pull in 421MB a month of data. iPhone users only use 338MB.

The study was conducted by wireless billing vendor Validas and excluded Blackberry devices (because they compress data). It's sort of stunning that combining all Verizon smartphones together (even those lumpy old Windows ones) can out-usage the iPhone. It's proof that Android phones like the Droid X are really just sucking down all the bits they can.

Verizon's average is boosted because there are a lot more "power users" on Big Red. Twice as many Verizon smartphone users use 500MB-1GB a month compared to iPhone users and 4 per cent of Verizon smartphone users use over 2GB of data compared to only 1.6 per cent iPhone users. What excuse does AT&T have for not delivering as reliable a network as Verizon again? [Validas via ReadWriteWeb]

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