Valcucine Logica Kitchen Will Brighten Up Any Underground Bunker

Italian haute kitchen design company Valcucine have debuted their 'New Logica' series of ergonomic, adaptable kitchen fixtures. Each of the kitchen's various shelves, drawers and racks are placed within quick reach and easily rearrangeable.

The clean lines and scratch resistant, nano-coated surfaces will ensure a beautiful cooking environment for even the pickiest of modernist chefs and dinner party hosts. When the cooking is done, the system's myriad features (and any leftover mess) are easily concealed via a pulldown hood.

When I look at this kitchen and think of my own apartment's cramped, untidy kitchen, I feel ashamed. But then I look at Valcucine's photos again and am glad I don't have to live in what appears to be some sort of missile silo.

[mocoloco via Designlines]

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