$US35 Dollar Tablet Will Cost $US20, Eventually $US10

The Indian government has revealed its super-super-low-priced tablet computer, which it says it'll start selling to students this year - for $US35. It's a bit bulky, but for $US35 you can't really whine about the bezel size.

Indian authorities expect to be able to make and sell the chunky computer for $US35 at first, before economies of scale bring that down to $US20, and eventually $US10. But it won't be a stripped-down, feature-light machine - the impressive hardware spec includes support for video conferencing, PDF and multimedia compatibility, internet access (with Flash!) and much more.

The full press release from the Indian government's HR department can be read here. [TNW]


    What do I have to do to get a $35 tablet, heck, I'll give you $40

    so, again (and I thank XKCD for brining this to everyone's attention again) WHY are graphics calculators still hundreds of dollars!!?!?!?

    hell, I'll give em $50!

      Gotta love XKCD

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