US Gov's Apps Let You Find Embassies, Track Recalls, Hunt FBI's Most Wanted, where you can find "government made easy", recently got a facelift and along with it our nation's very own app store. Among the offerings: "Product Recalls", "My TSA", "Alternative Fuel Locator", "Find Your Embassy" and "FBI's Most Wanted".

And what more do you need from the American government, really?

In terms of platform, strangely,'s new apps are a mixed bag (Product Recalls are only a concern for Android users, apparently, whereas the FBI's manhunting is an interest exclusive to iPhone users?). Others are just updated mobile versions of sites.

Still, a few of these actually look pretty useful. Here are a handful of them listed in order of the desirability of finding yourself in a situation in which they'd be useful, from "slightly inconvenienced" to "mortal peril": US Postal Service Tools, UV Index, BMI Calculator, My TSA, Product Recalls, FEMA Mobile, Find Your Embassy, FBI's Most Wanted. [ via TUAW]

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