This Week’s Best Apps

This Week’s Best Apps

This week’s best apps!? You must mean the week’s best iPhone apps? Nope, from here on out it’s just the very best apps, every week, for iPhone, Android and iPad.


LandFormerAlso works on the iPad

PredatorsAlso works on the iPad


Pulse News MiniAlso available for the iPad

Oddy Smog’s Misadventure



The 720P video capabilities of the iPhone 4 are fantastic-really calling into question the need for a camcorder-but there’s one gimpy limitation. You can’t upload HD videos wirelessly….Pixelpipe is a free app that will upload your videos and pictures in full resolution to “over 100 supported destinations”. Pretty much any social networking bloggish overshare service you could possibly use looks to be compatible. And you can even upload your files in the background while you check your email or something.

HD cat videos, directly to YouTube, straight from your iPhone 4. Free![imgclear]

RemodelistaAlso works on the iPad


Instead of checking into pub after bar after pub, show your friends you’re not just a boozehound on Foursquare, but quite the literary creature on GetGlue’s free iPhone app, which lets you “check-in” to whatever media you’re consuming.

This can be a book, film, TV show or even music – with the updates being shared across Twitter and Facebook (if necessary). Instead of earning badges, you can earn stickers for the amount of check-ins you make, with various partners such as Warner Bros, Random House, Universal Pictures, Wired and so on offering up rewards.



NFB Filmsreally

The Colbert Report’s the Word

Compass HD: The iPad doesn’t come with a standard compass app, which is a shame, because as Compass HD shows, having a huge slate of a compass can be a pretty awesome thing. In addition to the four swish designs, Compass HD has Google Maps integration, tagging and distance calculation. OK, I’m not sure exactly when or what I’ll use it for, but all I know is that I’m not going to be the one kicking myself when I’m short an iPad compass. $2.49.

KindleMatt was right



Wunder Radio

Kindle for Android

One of the last major apps I’ve been waiting for on Android is finally here: Kindle. It syncs all of your Kindle books, as you’d expect, though it’s missing features like full text search and in-app purchasing.

Free. Android 1.6+[imgclear]

eBooks by Kobo


SlingPlayer Mobile

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Kellog’s Recalled Productssays

It lets you scan the barcodes on Kellogg’s items, with the results compared against a recalled products database-so you know what’s edible and what may contain traces of glass/metal/human skin.

Apps! We love ’em, and we know you all do too. So we’re going to try to bring you the best apps, for every platform, every week in this very space. If you come across any over the course of the week – or are a developer who’s making your own – that you think we should check out, post ’em in the comments here or shoot me an email. That goes for WebOS and Blackberry apps, too!