This Speaker Requires A Safe Listening Distance

This Speaker Requires A Safe Listening Distance

I don’t know what your idea of the perfect speaker system is, but for me it’s a cross between an alphorn and a vuvuzela, gigantic and squished. Oh, and not safe to stand near. Good thing there’s the Pnoe.

The Pnoe hails from Greece, and if you want pricing and availability info, you’re going to have to email the manufacturer directly. Before you do though, a word of caution:

The Pnoe speaker, being a large horn, is more suited to listening rooms with 3m or more distance between the listener and the speakers.

That’s what I’m talking about. And since two is always better than one:

As you can see, they’re also available in a variety of colours, although there’s something about the black and red that’s particularly foreboding. Which is what I want out of something that can make my ears bleed. [Arcadian Audio via The Awesomer]