This Is The Future Of War

Watch the Navy shooting down an aeroplane over the Pacific ocean using the new LaWS (Laser Weapon System) guided by Raytheon's Phalanx Close-In Weapon sensors. Welcome to the future, where we all die in the hands of angry laser-firing bots.

The LaWS is a six-laser cannon guided by the Phalanx Block 1B - the white structure that you can see here, mounted next to LaWS. Phalanx identifies and tracks the targets using electro-optical systems, measuring the range using radio frequency sensors. With that information, LaWS follows the target, and focuses the energy of its six beams on one point until it takes the aeroplane down because of the heat.

The plan is to test these systems until they become part of every Navy battleship. [Raytheon]


    I guess a very good mirror paint (even under black paint) would be a very cheap way to put this expensive tech to irrelevance LOL

      Not when the beyond-extreme heat emitted by said SIX lasers melt through the coating and render it all useless anyway.

      Not to mention the weight involved.

      Not to mention the insulation that would be needed under even more insulation.

      In the end I think you're better off trying to jam the tracking system than actually trying to defend against the laser.

    I'm a bit dissapointed that there are no visible "rays".

    Someone will invent a computer controlled mirror coated skin that can direct the laser straight back at the source lol

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