This Is How Mars Can Turn Into A New Earth

Mars. The most tantalising of all planets, with mountains three times as tall as Mount Everest and canyons 4000km long and 6km deep. Our next stop in our return to the stars. And possibly our next home.

We are not nearly there yet. We don't have the technology. Heck, we barely have any real project to send humans to that planet, now that Constellation is almost gone. But as NASA readies Curiosity for its big Mars mission - which will send back 3D images of unprecedented quality among many other things - is nice to imagine how a terraformed Mars could look. And dream about starting there anew. If we avoid self-destruction, first, that is.

Looking at the end result, it's totally worth it - as long as we don't get BP up there.

Original images from Wikimedia Commons

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