The Samsung Series 9 TV Is For The Wealthy

The Samsung Series 9 TV Is For The Wealthy

 title=At $10,000 for 55 inches of LED backlit LCD screen, the Samsung Series 9 LED isn’t exactly affordable. In fact, you could even say it’s the polar opposite of affordable. But it’s not meant to be – It’s evident that every aspect of this screen, from the features to the stainless steel bezel, is designed to shout out “luxury”.

The screen itself is just 7.98mm thick – which is mind blowing when seen up close. Of course, there are no connections in that thin body, with Samsung instead placing all the connections in the stand (which also doubles as the wall mount.

On top of the LED backlighting and super-slim profile, the Series 9 includes all the current buzzwords – 3D, IPTV and DLNA media streaming.

But the coolest aspect of this television is the remote control – which connects to the TV over Wi-Fi and features a touchscreen control to navigate through all your inputs and channels. Oh, and watch whatever’s playing on your TV on the remote’s screen (or a different channel). You can control other HDMI-CEC devices as well using the remote making it almost-universal.